All About Newport Torch Lighters

If you’re looking for the best butane torch, look no further! Introducing Newport torch lighters. Newport torch lighters are a premium brand of torch lighters offering various styles, colors, shapes, and functionalities.

What Is A Torch Lighter?

When it comes to lighting a cigar, using a torch lighter is always your best choice. Paper matches still go out, and a standard gas lighter will leave a bad taste and is not desirable during windy situations. A torch lighter uses a form of fuel different from your standard gas lighter. As compared to ordinary lighter fluid, a torch lighter contains butane fuel. This allows the lighter to burn even hotter when using butane. You can notice the bright blue flame on torch lighters very easily. The strength and temperature of the blue flame from a torch lighter are easy to control while in-use.

Uses For A Torch Lighter

Torch lighters are always recommended over a standard gas lighter for cigars, dabbing, etc. A torch lighter is used for dab rigs while dabbing most commonly. A torch lighter could be used in any situation, even in the kitchen! There are endless opportunities for the use of a torch lighter.

Torch lighters come in many various sizes, styles, and brands. You can check out our lighter and torch lighter selection here.

Some torch lighters are cheaper and smaller but still get the job done right! Larger more expensive torch lighters have more control and are more reliable. A more expensive torch lighter can go a long way while dabbing! If you don’t need anything special… A regular-sized torch lighter would work perfectly for you.

What Are Newport Torch Lighters?

The Newport torch lighter mission is to provide the best products to their customers at the lowest prices possible. Newport takes great pride in their company. It is their vision to offer affordable torch lighters in all sizes, colors, and styles for every customer!